For Ukifune

…I ritmi sottilmente tribali che caratterizzano le iniziali "Yeri Ali" e "Mysteries Of Life" ricompaiono in modo più solare nella conclusiva "Ukifune" che aggiunge sapori centroafricani alle sonoritˆ perversa di un ensemble che si candida autorevolmente come uno dei gruppi emergenti da tenere d'occhio con particolare attenzione.

—Maurizio Comandini, All About Jazz: Italia

…if you're not convinced by the time the surreal closing track, "Ukifune," comes around, it will do the trick.

—tastes like chicken

For Green Suite

…violist Ellen Ruth Rose…brought some real fire to the rapid sul ponticello figures and marcato attacks later in the piece.

—Eric Valliere, San Francisco Classical Chronical

Press on Urban Legend

[Norwalk concert-goer] Barach said it was the twin's highly energetic, seven minute rendering of "Urban Legends"...that captivated him. "It's an outstanding piece," he said. "Their development of ideas was structured and resolved. It was very well done." Daniel Padilla said their fans love the "rock and roll" feel of the classical piece. Daune Padilla said adulation for the song is strong wherever they play. "It's not about the melody," he said. "It's about the beat."

—James Walker, The Hour, Norwalk, Connecticut

Press on Ukifune Remix

[Heetderks'] performance layers Kronos Quartet-like passages over ghostly electronics...

—Mark Jenkins, Washington City Paper

For  Stratus

. . . a beautiful duo for cello and piano. Stratus decorated the clear pandiatonicism and modality of its melodies with captivating textures and a friendly, yet unpredictable, form.

—Garrett Schumann, Sequenza21

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