—Creation Stories: Genesis (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, strings, and narrator) 2006

Commissioned by the Live Music Project

—DemBones! (three percussion, xylophone, two pianos, and SAB chorus)  2004

Commissioned by the ACES Educational Center for the Arts

—Bedtime for Bonzo (string orchestra, piano, and percussion) 2003

Commissioned by the Group435 string orchestra

listen to an excerpt

—Apokaradoka (two clarinets, vibraphone, string quartet, electric bass)  2000

listen to an excerpt

—Concerto for violin and orchestra  1998

listen to an excerpt


—Pitchblende (reed quintet) 2012

Written for the Akropolis Quintet

listen to an excerpt

—Umber Suite (clarinet and marimba/percussion) 2010

Written for Kari Dion and Eliza Kinney

—Stratus (violoncello and piano) 2008

Commissioned by John and Barbara Metz

—Fallen Falls’ Scene (oboe and piano) 2008

listen to an excerpt

—Microsonata (violin and piano) 2007

Commissioned by the Connecticut State Music Teachers’ Association

listen to an excerpt

—Sanjo (flute and piano)  2004

Commissioned by flautist Sergio Pallottelli 

—Ta Osta Ta Xera (violoncello and three percussionists)  2004

Commissioned by Loop 243

listen to an excerpt

—Duo: Serenade–Blues–Romp (viola and piano)  2003

listen to an excerpt

—Urban Legend (violin and viola) 2001

Commissioned by the Gemini Duo

listen to an excerpt

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—Ukifune (viola, guitar, bassoon, and percussion)  2000

Written for Clogs, recorded on their album “Thom’s Night Out” (Brassland)

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—Four Action Studies (trumpet, horn, and tuba)  1999

—Two Vignettes (two violins)  1998

Commissioned by the Gemini Duo


—I am the good shepherd (SATB) 2015

—Two by Dickinson (SATB and piano)  2005

—Prayers Divided (soprano, viola, and piano; text by Charles Williams) 2000

—Timefoolery (six speakers and three percussionists)  1998


—Morning Meltdown (piano) 2006

Commissioned by the Renée B. Fisher Foundation

listen to an excerpt

—Ukifune Remix (improviser and electronic tape)  2002

Written for Evan Ziporyn of the Bang on a Can All Stars

listen to an excerpt

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—Green Suite (retuned viola)  2000

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—Instinct (piano)  2000

listen to an excerpt

—Carpe Diem! (piano)  2000

—Three’s A Crowd (one performer simultaneously playing viola, piano, and singing)  1999

—Blessed Rage for Order (piano)  1997

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